Lark In The Park (Sidcup, 2018), Volunteers' Portal

This web site is not yet open for registration - but it will be soon.

We plan to have it back up and running at the end of March; ready for you apply to volunteer for LITP (Sidcup) 2018.

Returning Volunteers

If you volunteered for us in 2017, you'll receive an email around Easter time (sent to the email address you gave us last year) to invite you to re-apply and telling tell you how to go about it. You should find it even easier this time round since we already have much of your information on record. All that most of you will need to do is:
  • check that your details are still correct,
  • let us know whether you still look like your photo,
  • select the teams you'd like to apply to join,
  • sign your self declaration.
So keep an eye open for the email we'll be sending out at the end of March or soon after.


This year we will be asking returning volunteers to apply and complete the process by the end of May - so there are two months between the application process starting at Easter and the deadline. But please dont leave it to the last minute; it really helps our coordinators if you let us know that you want to return as soon after the Easter start date as possible - it makes their lives SO much easlier.

This deadline will allow us to concentrate on the more time-consuming task of processing applications from new volunteers after that.

New volunteers should start the process as soon as possible after Easter. The reason for this is that the DBS security checks we need to make can take time (it has been known to take several months) so the later you leave it, the less likely we are to be able to approve your application in time.

Chris L (web site admin)

In the mean time, visit to learn more about the project.